Good food.
Craig Van Beek via - Aug 8, 2018
Nice View, Good Casual Food, Counter Service
Two of us visited for lunch on a Monday. One of us enjoyed the regular pasty. Crust was very good and filling delicious. Our other choice was the vegetarian sandwich. The sandwich was very good and the bread excellent. The view of the water is...More ... read more
Micaelabird via - Aug 7, 2018
Great place to savor Houghton's appeal
My husband and I finally stopped here for a meal. I have always thought it was a pretty place but he said it was pricey, so we skipped it. It cost around $10 for most lunch plates, so it wasn't as expensive as I thought...More ... read more
MarriedWidow via - Aug 2, 2018
Well I forgot to check in while ...
Well I forgot to check in while I was there so I can't check in but I will definitely add my review. These pasties from here are amazing. I've had a few before from other locations and other parts of the state but these hands down the best.  I even had to go back for another one cause my kid that always says she doesn't like anything ... read more
Chris B. via - Jul 31, 2018
Cute place, good staff, amazing, huge variety of menu items. The selection of pastries is amazingly huge! And I don't mean lots of doughnuts. I mean REAL pastries!
Carolyn Torrance via - Jul 31, 2018
They have the best pasties in the area! Also some delicious and unique pasty flavors including chicken broccoli, cheeseburger, and turkey cranberry stuffing. Very friendly and helpful owners and staff. Also they have frozen pasties to take with you for later.
Diane Woodruff via - Jul 28, 2018
A friend had suggested Roy's for the best pastys, and oh man, she wasn't lying. I had gotten the turkey cranberry pasty which was phenomenal! Everyone else got the traditional pasty, which was packed full with meat and potatoes. Perfect flaky crust and 16 ounces of delish guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. Their chicken salad sandw ... read more
Heather Koblitz via - Jul 28, 2018
I love all the pasties but the chicken broccoli is addictive. Desserts are excellent. Very nice people.
Jo Baskerville via - Jul 26, 2018
The breakfast pasties are the best ... read more
Shannon Healy via - Jul 26, 2018
Tasty Pastries and Pasties. Coffee was so so.
Tim Maier via - Jul 25, 2018
Great baked goods
My mom lives in Eagle Harbor and does some of her shopping in Houghton. While we were waiting to cross the Portage (the bridge was up), we decided to try Roy's. The girls that worked there were very friendly and helpful. We weren't sure what...More ... read more
jstajdl via - Jul 22, 2018
The broccoli pasty is so good ... read more
Craig Maxfield via - Jul 20, 2018
Awesome food! Just wish they had more gluten free bakery besides muffins. We went 3 different times and they never had anything besides bread and muffins for my wife.
Don Devine via - Jul 19, 2018
Never been there ... read more
Gregg Bykkonen via - Jul 19, 2018
Was really looking forward to a ...
Was really looking forward to a donut and coffee for breakfast. The baked goods looked great in the case.   I asked what the counter girls likes best and she replied, I don't eat donuts. Ugh. She should say, our most popular are...  saying you don't eat them can imply they may not be so great. I asked if any of them were warm. No. So ... read more
Nancy C. via - Jul 19, 2018
Very friendly and helpful staff ...
Very friendly and helpful staff. They love what they do. Good indoor seating with excellent river front options outside. Excellent selection with gluten free muffins, breads and occasionally chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes. You can special order. I purchased cin. sugar doughnut, apple fritter, coffee and large bakery choc. chip, ... read more
Erin H. via - Jul 19, 2018
Veggie pastie
Yum. Delicious veggie pastie with potatoes and carrots. Also enjoyed the turkey cranberry pastie. Great location by the water with the bridge. Fast, tasty, fair price.
Lafemmeavecchiens via - Jul 18, 2018
Best pasties in the UP! No question.
Delainy Farley via - Jul 16, 2018
Absolutely fabulous bakery. The doughnuts are SOOOO much better than chain store ones. Love the almond pastries as well.
Anthony Schnell via - Jul 14, 2018
An under-the-radar gem in Houghton ...
An under-the-radar gem in Houghton - make sure you stop in for a fresh homemade pasty or pastry, which you can enjoy while taking in a magnificent view of Portage Lake, the Lift Bridge, and Hancock across the lake. And they even serve KCW coffee!
Tim H. via - Jul 12, 2018
We love Roy's pasties and lemon bars! They also have great other baked goods and even some sandwich options. My only complaint is I feel they often sell out of their top items quickly, a few times I have dropped in for a late breakfast or late lunch and had slim options to choose from, but everything I get is still great! All their G ... read more
Allison Berryman via - Jul 11, 2018
This is my favorite place to have breakfast. I never miss the chance to go.
This is my favorite place to have breakfast. I never miss the chance to go.
Jesse Froh via - Jul 8, 2018
They did an excellent job helping fix my special order. I appreciate the way they worked with us.
Katherine Leach via - Jul 6, 2018
Really filling breakfast, great seating, lots of simple options, loved it.
Landon Ritchie via - Jul 6, 2018
Food was EXCELLENT! Service needed a smile. Cashier refused to give change and closed drawer on niece. Gave an attitude when we asked for our change. It was awkward.
Mindy Baumgartner via - Jul 5, 2018
Bakery and so much more!
My niece had Roy's cupcakes for her wedding. That was the first taste for me. After that I returned for fresh breads, sandwiches, turnovers, cakes and pie. Everything was delicious and each time I left I planned to return soon. The view of the canal...More ... read more
OntheMove-SK via - Jul 3, 2018
I was disappointed that there were only a few items on the menu that didn't have onions. I had hoped to try one of their pasties but I have an onion allergy so I ended up just ordering a standard turkey and bacon sandwich. It was fine but nothing special. The place is nice, clean and the staff is friendly. I was happy to see they ser ... read more
Jim Johnston via - Jul 1, 2018
Excellent everything!
Chad Snell via - Jun 28, 2018
Nice location
Roy's is located on the Portage Entry shore, so a lovely setting. (not sure though after the massive storm they just experienced). Pasties and daily specials, with sandwiches, etc. available as well.
Sarah O via - Jun 21, 2018
It's ok..
I can only speak about their sweets.. and even though they look amazing, I find them way too sweet for my taste. However I heard their food is really good. The place location is the best, with great views of the canal.
Orion S via - Jun 18, 2018
Consistent Comfort
I recently savored every bite of Roy’s chicken and broccoli pasties and soups: cheese broccoli and roasted red pepper and smoked Gouda. Year after year Roy’s delivers delicious comfort food!
JoyWhoTravels via - Jun 18, 2018
They have a great selection of pasties (including breakfast pasties which are super good) and baked good at a reasonable price. Definitely the favorite place in Houghton to get pasties.
Dayton Pax via - Jun 18, 2018
Seriously delicious! Highly recommended!
Seriously delicious! Highly recommended!
Rachel Florence via - Jun 17, 2018
Great friendly service - I wasn’t sure what to order asked what locals recommend , it was a super sandwich & soup was wonderful. My new favorite place to go. Definitely will be back!!! Great job Roy!
Dean Strube via - Jun 14, 2018
Great pasties some of the best I've had ... read more
Michael Layton via - Jun 12, 2018
Perfect pasties and wonderful baked goods!
We enjoyed several pasties (the small size is big!), petit fours, brownie triangles, as well as loaves of nisu, sourdough, and saffron bread. Everything was delicious! We will definitely be back when next in the UP!
SMcKeonIA via - Jun 8, 2018
Delicious! and a good, fair price.
Delicious! and a good, fair price.
Kim Otomo via - May 31, 2018
Wonderful experience, Wonderful staff and way too many Wonderful sweets!!!!!
Sher Lustig via - May 21, 2018
The homemade pasties are delicious!
Alice Melloni via - May 16, 2018
Great pasties.
Asif Rabbani via - May 2, 2018
Ok, before i get shot by one of my Relatives(They are Traditionalists) , The Cheeseburger Pastie Is FANTASTIC!!!
patriotpioneer via - Apr 22, 2018
probably my favorite in all the UP ... read more
P KA via - Apr 19, 2018
Typically restraunts in this area have terrible service and subpar food, Roy's still has the typical unfriendly and rude service but has decent tasting food. The prices are definitely on the expensive side but that really depends on what you wish to purchase.
Weston Rantamaki via - Apr 17, 2018
Best pasties around. Great baked goods too ... read more
Seth Mares via - Apr 11, 2018
Great service. Goid food. Wonderful pastries and bakery!
Jen Burkhouse via - Apr 7, 2018
Delicious sandwiches and baked goods. Only place i have seen baklava!
Stacia Still via - Apr 6, 2018
Best birthday gift!!! I love these pasties and the gluten free option.
Stefanie Kinsey via - Apr 5, 2018
Everything I've had from here has been delicious! This is one of my new favorite places to visit when I come to Houghton.
Kristi Stemen via - Apr 5, 2018
Awesome place ... read more
Luke Schumacher via - Mar 30, 2018
Awesome pasties!
John Stough via - Mar 24, 2018
Stopped for a couple of pastries and coffee Pastries were very fresh and tasted great. Coffee was from local company and quite good. Great value for two of us. Have also had Roy’s pasties many times in the past and they are fantastic. Taking home...More ... read more
lso275 via - Mar 21, 2018
Excellent ... read more
Colleen Caudle via - Mar 9, 2018
Locally owned place with lots of good items to either eat in or takeout. Many healthy options.
Eric Johnson via - Mar 5, 2018
Best pasties and pastries!
Jeanette Kussow via - Mar 3, 2018
Really good pasties, some that are non-traditional
My husband and I got pasties here and we decided to get non-traditional ones. He got the turkey cranberry pasty and I got the chicken broccoli one. He said his was really good. I loved the chicken broccoli one that also had cheese in it...More ... read more
Renee M via - Mar 2, 2018
The food is ALWAYS delicious and the people are wonderful!
The food is ALWAYS delicious and the people are wonderful!
Kimi Fischer via - Feb 26, 2018
If you love pasties make sure you stop here and pick some up!!
This was our second time here. The pasties are amazing - large, flaky and full of flavor! My children enjoyed the traditional flavor and I loved the chicken & broccoli We even brought some frozen ones to take home.
Bacchanallia5 via - Feb 25, 2018
Best bakery there is in the entire state.
Judy Loehr via - Feb 20, 2018
Great location and best bakery in the two towns. Good pasties, too.
Steven Walton via - Feb 11, 2018
Fantastic White Fish Chowder
We went there for the pasties, however they were out of most the the different kinds we wanted. We tried the White Fish Chowder and it we excellent, so we were happy they had ran out. We took some of the frozen pasties with us...More ... read more
Jeffrey S via - Feb 10, 2018
Pretty great eh? ... read more
john pietrzyk via - Feb 10, 2018
Outstanding, 5 solid starts. If you come to UP for the real pasty, this is the best you can find the original classic ones, buy also some tastier variations. This bakery does also a great job on donuts and tarts. I definitely recommend it to anybody passing in the area.
Filippo Vitale via - Feb 10, 2018
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